Pine’s Promise

Our promise to every customer with every order is to be fair, honest and respectful.  Our customers have many choices for Electronics Assembly Partners; they choose Pine because of our quality of workmanship, uncompromising honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business. Decades of serving customers in this manner has been the catalyst of our growth and success.

Carefully accepting customers and work that best fit our capabilities and culture, Pine Electronics has never had an issue with holding up to its promise.  To learn whether Pine Electronics can serve your custom assembly needs, contact us today.  

In our customers words

“I am and have always been impressed with Pine.  You routinely exceed expectations so much so that I often am disappointed when other vendors don’t live up to the bar you’ve set. You have become my benchmark for vendors.”  ~Ken B

“The hardware coupled with the company’s proprietary ERP software is quite innovative for a company this size.”   ~Jim T

“We appreciate the careful attention to detail and the value-added engineering services provided by Pine Electronics.”   ~Frank D

“Super easy to work with.  Everyone at Pine clearly keeps their focus on their customer.  A sincere pleasure to do business with.”   ~Craig F